What’s the difference that makes the difference between those who struggle and those who succeed?
The answer lies in the last place most people look: inside their own direct experience. That is where success leaves clues.
Carol Goldsmith, The Discovery Coach, helps individuals, teams, and organizations learn how to turn hidden strengths and skills into strategies for achieving the results they want. Quickly. Consistently. Authentically. Discover how she can help you.

Because they get fast and lasting results.  Carol is recognized by clients and peers the world over as one of the most effective coaches working today.  What sets her apart?  A unique, proprietary coaching approach that moves her clients from ideas to outcomes quicker than they ever thought possible.  That, plus her impressive background in business and non-profit leadership roles that bridges any credibility gap.

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By teaching and mentoring them on how to coach.  Increasingly, coaching skills are lauded as essential leadership skills. With millennials moving up into managerial and executive roles, the old top-own, command-and-control style of leadership is giving way to a more collaborative, coach-approach to developing talent.

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Carol shares her discoveries, insights, humor, and wisdom through books, blog posts, and articles. “Carol puts into words thoughts that I didn’t even know I had,” one reader remarked. “Her writing has helped me learn a lot about myself, as well as the people around me. “

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